Common Rug Mistakes That People (Usually) Make

Uncategorized / Sunday, February 11th, 2018

Most people are usually afraid to experiment with the elements of home décor. It seems that people are limiting themselves and their thoughts when they continuously avoid thinking outside the box.

But, the fear of making a possible mistake isn’t a real excuse – people make mistakes every day – and there is no need to worry since the design is a type of ‘tool’ that can easily be modified to someone’s needs.

The ‘Floating Island’ – Effect 

  • Sizing mistakes are a widespread issue. To prevent the ‘floating island’ look in your living room, you need to choose wide rugs and of course, to finally utilize your furniture. 
  • The living room is the most flexible room in the home, so you could easily develop a new and more compact order or composition with the existing furniture you already have. 
  • To avoid mistakes, make sure that you choose a rug that is wide and long enough to cover the space adequately. The perfect rug for the living room should include a full area from the whole space. 

The ‘Carpet’ – Effect 

  • A rug that is too large for the area might as well be a carpet. If you want to decorate your place with rugs instead of carpets, then you should pay attention to the exact size and the exact area that the chosen rug should cover.
  • Instead of covering the whole space with a rug, you could use the flooring as a border or a margin for orientation about the right position of the rug. 
  • Designers recommend that it would be ideal if you had a two-foot border around the edges of your rug. It will show your floor enough to prevent the ‘carpet’ look.

The ‘Shrunken’ – Effect 

  • Besides the mistakes with using rugs that are too big for a certain spot, there are dozens of situations where people – to avoid this ‘too big’ look-  choose rugs that are too small for their dining rooms which needed redecoration.
  • The dining room acts as a focal point in the home. 
  • Choosing a rug that isn’t wide enough to cover the whole dining area – the dining table and the chairs around it – can ruin the accent or it could even look silly.
  • Keep in mind the approximate dimensions of the dining area and this way you will never make this mistake while choosing the perfect rug for the dining room.
  • At the end of the day, you need to remember that there isn’t a single mistake in the process of redecorating that can’t be fixed. 
  • Mistakes are expected, and a designer’s job is to give instructions of how can these common errors be avoided and never be repeated in the future.

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